100+ cool royal last names from history and fantasy

People are often identified by personal names, titles, or descriptors based on their characteristics, lineage, or places of origin. Cool royal last names from history often combine historical significance and noble associations. This post contains some cool royal last names associated with royalty from history and various cultures.

Cool royal last names
Cool royal last names from history and fantasy. Photo: pexels.com, @dushenkovsky (modified by author)
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Royal last names are no different since they hold information about each noble family tree. They are easily recognised and often have a detailed history and lineage. Many people admire noble family names and shower them with admiration and reverence. They can be from real history or made up for fantasy stories, but they all sound special and powerful.

Cool royal last names

What are some noble last names? More than just fascinating titles, royal last names hold a wealth of history and tradition. These surnames are meaningful and represent the origin of a person. Below is a compilation of cool last names that mean royalty you should know.

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Famous royal last names

Parents looking for a strong surname with special meaning can explore these famous royal last names to trace their royal lineage.

  • Cambridge: The last name Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, gives their children.
  • Charlemagne: A Roman surname that was King of the Franks.
  • Ferdinand: The last name of the King of the Netherlands.
  • Agilolfings: Noble family from the Bavarian region of Germany.
  • Gerry: Deriving from the Medieval English word geri, “spear.”
  • Gibson: Patronymic, meaning son of Gib or Gilbert.
  • Lincoln: One of America’s most revered presidents.
  • Alden: English surname derived from the word Ealdwine, meaning “old friend.”
  • Windsor: Famously associated with the British royal family.
  • Middleton: The maiden name of Catherine Middleton.
  • Markle: The surname of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.
  • Suleiman: A Turkish ruler who presided over the Ottoman Empire.
  • Howard: The last name of the Duke of Norfolk.
  • Augustus: The surname of Rome’s emperor.

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royal last names
Famous royal last names from history often combine historical significance and noble associations. Photo: pexels.com, @olly
Source: UGC
  • Conrad: The surname of the royal house of Conrad, an early German king.
  • Romanov: Romanov was the last imperial dynasty of Russia.
  • Mountbatten: Greek last name used for a British dynasty.
  • Althan: Althans are German nobles who hail from the Bavaria region.
  • Habsburg: A prominent European dynasty.
  • Bergoglio: Pope Francis’s last name.
  • Lamberg: The Lambergs were mostly Barons in the 16th-century Germany.
  • Bourbon: The name of the French royal family of the House of Bourbon.
  • Valois: A French royal house.
  • Arlay: A French house of nobility and is a part of the bigger House of Ivrea.
  • Angelos: Prominent noble family of the Byzantine Kingdom.
  • Tudor: The Tudors ruled England from 1485 to 1603.
  • Cromwell: Oliver Cromwell, ruler of the British Isles
  • Stuart: The Stuart dynasty held the English and Scottish thrones.
  • Maxwell: Peter Trevor Maxwell is the Baron of England.
  • Arco: Noble family from the commune of Arco in Northern Italy.
  • Sowden: Derived from Old French Soudan, meaning Sultan.
  • Ernušt: Belonging to the Jewish ancestry, Ernušt is a member of the Hungarian nobility.
  • Valentine: Derives from the Latin Valentinus, meaning strong or healthy.
  • Philopator: The surname of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt.
  • Wales: Prince Harry and Prince William used Wales as their surname for school purposes when growing up.
  • Bruce: The Bruce family is an old noble family of Scottish ancestry.
  • Contarini: Contarinis are Italian nobility who founded the Kingdom of Venice.
  • Andechs: Feudal rulers were common in 12th-century Germany.
  • Astley: A noble family from England.
  • Glucksburg: Greek and Danish royal family of the House of Glucksburg.

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Ancient royal last names

Ancient royal last names
Ancient royal last names help you pay homage to some unique noble names. Photo: pexels.com, @august-de-richelieu
Source: UGC

Royal last names inspire a magnificent fantasy world and help you pay homage to some unique noble names. Below is a list of old English royal last names associated with royalty from history and various cultures.

  • Nefertiti: Nefertiti was a queen of the 18th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt.
  • Alpin: Alpins ruled Scotland and nearby regions between the 9th and 11th centuries AD.
  • Wessex: Refers to the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex.
  • Artois: A noble family from France.
  • Aethelwulf: King of Wessex.
  • Abdulaziz: Saudi Arabian royal family.
  • Alawo: Alowa is a Yoruba name signifying “born into royalty.’’
  • Al Nahyan: The ruling family of Abu Dhabi.
  • Dlamini: Swaziland royal family.
  • Al Hashim: King of Jordan.
  • Al Maktoum: The royal family of the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Grimaldi: Associated with the ruling family of Monaco and Princess Grace.
  • Carafa: A family hails from Naples, Italy.
  • Mahlangu: king of Ndebele.
  • Kublai Khan: The influential grandson of Genghis Khan and a ruler in Chinese history.
  • Plantagenet: A medieval English dynasty with iconic monarchs like Richard the Lionheart.
  • Hohenzollern: Noble dynasty that played a significant role in European history.
  • Almoravid: North African dynasty expanding across Spain and Morocco.
  • Ptolemy: Ancient Greek dynasty ruling Egypt after Alexander the Great.
  • Hohenstaufen: Ruled the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.
  • Al-Nasir: Used by rulers in the Islamic world.
  • Lloyd: From Old Welsh Llwyd meaning gray.
  • Sforza: Ruled Milan during the Renaissance.
  • Al Khalifa: The ruling family of Bahrain.
  • Al Said: The ruling family of Oman.
  • Zhang: Descendants of emperor Huang Di.
  • Egbert: Former King of Wessex.
  • Makedon: This last name is from the Kingdom of Macedonia.
  • Mercia: The Mercian dynasty, with rulers like Offa.
  • Pahlavi: The last ruling dynasty of Iran before the Islamic Revolution.
  • Al Saud: The ruling family of Saudi Arabia, founded by Abdulaziz Ibn Saud.
  • Grimaldi: Associated with the ruling family of Monaco.
  • Al Thani: The ruling family of Qatar.
  • Gille: The Gille family is a descendant of the Gille dynasty of Norway.
  • Chakri: The Chakri dynasty is the current reigning dynasty of the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Jimmu: Emperor of Japan.
  • Banfi: A commune in Croatia from the noble family of Banfi.
  • Ilunga: Luba prince and Emperor of Lunda.

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Fantasy royal last names

Fantasy royal last names
Fantasy royal last names add an enchanting touch to fictional worlds. Photo: pexels.com, @ivan-samkov
Source: UGC

Last names meaning royalty often add an enchanting touch to fictional worlds, evoking nobility, power, and intrigue. Here are some fantasy royal surnames fit for kings and other illustrious characters.

  • Bernadotte: Swedish royalty in the 1800s.
  • Godwinson: Harold Godwinson was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England.
  • Oldenburg: Oldenburg is a European dynasty originating from Northern Germany.
  • Barber: An occupational surname deriving from the Latin barbarous, meaning beard.
  • Pendragon: Associated with King Arthur, a legendary figure in British mythology and literature.
  • Cooper: Occupational name for a barrel or tub maker.
  • Borghese: A princely family of Italian descent.
  • Jackson: Patronymic name meaning son of Jack.
  • Augustenburg: The Augustenburg family is a German-origin noble house.
  • Barclay: A well-respected noble family of Baltic German settlement.
  • Emeraldblade: A person of royal blood who wields an emerald-hued sword.
  • Baldwins: A line of aristocracy that had their presence in England and Ireland
  • Goldheart: This name suggests a ruler with a heart of gold—compassionate and caring.
  • Ellis: Derives from the Hebrew word Eliyahu, meaning Jehovah is God.
  • Starborn: A celestial lineage born under a shower of stars.
  • Silverthorne: Conveys a sense of regality with a touch of nature.
  • Hamilton: Derives from Old English hamel (bare) and dun (hill).
  • Davis: A Patronymic name meaning son of David.
  • Farley: Anglicized version of the Irish name Fearghail meaning man of valor.
  • Fleming: Irish surname that translates as a man from Flanders.
  • Eldermyst: Conjures a sense of ancient wisdom and magical heritage.
  • Livingston: Locational for someone from the Scottish parish of Livingston
  • Burgundy: The House of Burgundy was a branch of the Capet dynasty that ruled France from the 10th to 15th century AD.
  • Ayer: This name derives from the Middle English eir, eyer and heir.
  • Emmett: Derives from Emmott, a pet form of the given name Emma.

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A royal family name is highly respected, admired, and loved for its wealth, influence, and international status. Cool royal last names make characters or families sound unique and important in real history or fantasy stories. They add a touch of fanciness and power to the overall feel of the names.

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