200+ mythical names and their meanings for boys and girls

Finding the right name for your baby is one of the most critical concerns for any parent or guardian. If you want to try new things, consider mythical names for a change. Your child will always stand out and remain unique. Look at the different names presented in this post for some cool ideas.

Mythical names
A mythical name has a strong cultural and meaningful backing. Photo: pexels.com, @marta-wave (modified by author)
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What is a mythical name? The pantheon of myths and deities has for many years been the basis of most literature and a well of ideas when it comes to naming people, places and even historical features. Give your baby a unique mythology name with a strong cultural and meaningful backing.

Greek mythical names for girls

Choosing a name for your child should be a joyful experience and something that you and your family can look back on fondly as your child grows up. Below is a list of the top elegant mythical names for girls and their meanings.

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  • Aphrodite: Foam or born from the sea
  • Achlys: Achlys was the personification of sorrow
  • Melia: Ash tree, honey, work, plumeria
  • Aegle: Light, glory
  • Danica: Morning star
  • Aidos: The goddess of shame and respect
  • Phyllis: Greenbough
  • Alala: Warcry
  • Alcyone: Kingfisher
  • Althea: The healing power
  • Amaltheia: To soothe
  • Chandra: Goddess of the moon
  • Vesta: Pure
  • Ananke: Necessity and inevitability
  • Antigone: In place of parents
  • Hera: Protectress
  • Athena: Intelligence, strength, and wisdom
  • Daphne: Laurel tree, bay tree
  • Selene: Mystery, elegance, and the illuminating power of the night sky
  • Venus: Romance, sensuality, and artistic inspiration
  • Willow: Grace and flexibility
  • Zara: Nobility, strength, and regal beauty
  • Melete: Practice, exercise
  • Cynthia: moon goddess or woman from Kynthos
  • Cassandra: Shining upon man
  • Phaenna: Shining
  • Nephele: Cloudy
  • Tisiphone: Avenge
  • Echo: echo or sound
  • Priya: beloved
  • Camilla: Young ceremonial attendant
  • Delia: Born on the island of Delos
  • Arachne: Spider

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mythical names for girls
Mythical names give your children a better identity. Photo: pexels.com, @shvetsa
Source: UGC
  • Ariadne: Most holy
  • Arina: Peace
  • Arke: Swift
  • Artemis: Safe or Butcher
  • Astraea: Star
  • Acantha: Thorn, prickle
  • Atalanta: Balanced
  • Cerelia: Relating to springtime
  • Aura: Gentle breeze
  • Juno: queen of the heavens
  • Calliope: Beautifully voiced
  • Harmonia: Harmony
  • Indira: Beauty
  • Hecate: Far off
  • Morgan: Sea-born, sea-song or sea-circle
  • Nyx: Night
  • Ianthe: Violet flower
  • Andromeda: Advising like a man
  • Leda: Happy
  • Gaia: Earth mother, rejoicing
  • Maia: Mother
  • Cassiopeia: Cassia juice
  • Enid: Life, spirit
  • Larisa: Legend
  • Nessa: headlands, promontory
  • Penia: Deficiency
  • Phaedra: Radiant, happy
  • Phoebe: Radiant, shining one
  • Rhea: A flowing stream
  • Minerva: Of the mind, intelligent
  • Theia: Gift from God
  • Ziva: Life
  • Tyche: Luck, providence
  • Anthea: Flowery
  • Astra: Stars
  • Xanthe: Golden, yellow
  • Hermione: Messenger, earthly
  • Dike: Justice
  • Nixie: Water nymph
  • Erato: Lovely
  • Euphrosyne: Mirth and merriment
  • Eos: Nightingale
  • Diana: Latin, divine
  • Clio: Glory
  • Irene: Peace
  • Ourania: Heavenly
  • Pallas: Wisdom or youth
  • Uma: Light, peace, nation
  • Pandia: Brightness
  • Tara: Rocky Hill
  • Hebe: Youth
  • Pandora: All-giving
  • Ceres: Nourishment
  • Penelope: Weaver
  • Calypso: She who hides

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Greek mythology names for boys

Do you need names that your little handsome man will grow to appreciate you for? Here are the Greek mythology boy names you can consider.

  • Adonis: Beauty, desire
  • Tane: Man, male
  • Aegeus: Protector
  • Aeolus: Changeable
  • Silvanus: Wood; forest
  • Aether: Brightness
  • Aion: Life or age
  • Bran: Broom-covered hill
  • Ajax: Free, brave
  • Cian: Ancient
  • Kiwa: Pacific Ocean
  • Vidar: Quiet god
  • Bacchus: Writer
  • Neo: New
  • Nestor: Returner or homecomer
  • Nike: Victory
  • Notus: The god of the south wind
  • Kane: Warrior
  • Osiris: With strong eyesight
  • Odysseus: Wrathful
  • Apollo: Beauty, harmony, and artistic talent
  • Atlas: Strength and endurance
  • Damon: Loyalty and friendship
  • Hermes: The messenger god
  • Loki: Trickery and transformation
  • Dionysius: God of Nysa
  • Orion: Strength, bravery, and the pursuit of adventure
  • Hesperos: Evening, evening star
  • Perseus: Courage, heroism, and triumph over adversity
  • Thor: Power, protection, and bravery, thunder
  • Cadmus: One who excels
  • Mercury: Roman messenger god
  • Zeus: Power and authority
  • Sindri: Sparkle

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mythical names for boys
Baby names that originate from Greek mythology convey strength and beauty. Photo: pexels.com, @lascot-studio on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Poseidon: Lord of the Earth
  • Pan: All of Shepherd
  • Proteus: First
  • Conor: Lover of hounds
  • Jupiter: Godfather
  • Conall: Strong as a wolf
  • Fintan: White fire or white bull
  • Uranus: Sky
  • Zelos: Zeal or jealousy
  • Janus: Gateway
  • Linus: Flaxen or blind hair
  • Luke: Light giving
  • Mentor: Mind, strength, force
  • Nelios: The Nile River
  • Boreas: North wind
  • Chronos: Time
  • Demetrius: Devoted
  • Erebus: Darkness
  • Percival: One who pierces the valley
  • Vishnu: Protector
  • Cepheus: Rock
  • Charon: Fierce brightness
  • Aries: A ram
  • Damion: To conquer, master, or tame
  • Endymion: Dive into, enter
  • Evander: Bow warrior, strong man
  • Oisin: Little deer
  • Draco: Dragon
  • Hypnos: Sleep
  • Iapetus: The piercer
  • Icarus: Follower
  • Orpheus: The darkness of the night
  • Ashur: Who is happy
  • Jason: Healer or leader
  • Hector: Holding fast
  • Kratos: Strength
  • Moros: Doom
  • Morpheus: Sleep and dreams
  • Oceanus: Ocean
  • Olympus: A sturdy
  • Diarmaid: Freeman
  • Heliosl: Sun

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Badass mythical names

Badass mythical names
There are different mythological names with varied meanings parents can adopt. Photo: pexels.com, @william-fortunato
Source: UGC

Names give your children a better identity and make them stand out in various spheres of life. Here are some badass names for your baby girl.

  • Ares: Greek god of war and violence
  • Odin: Norse god of wisdom, war, and death
  • Hades: Greek god of the underworld and the dead
  • Valkyrie: Norse mythological warrior maidens who choose who dies in battle and take them to the afterlife
  • Medusa: Greek mythological monster with snakes for hair who could turn people to stone
  • Phoenix: Rebirth and renewal
  • Morrigan: Irish goddess of war, death, and fate
  • Anubis: Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife
  • Kali: Hindu goddess of destruction and transformation
  • Lamia: Greek mythological creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a serpent
  • Naiad: Greek mythological water nymphs who presided over springs, rivers, and other bodies of freshwater
  • Chimera: Greek mythical creature with the body of a lion, a goat’s head, and a serpent’s tail
  • Persephone: Greek goddess of the underworld and queen of the dead
  • Sekhmet: Egyptian goddess of war and healing
  • Tiamat: Babylonian goddess of chaos and the sea
  • Amazons: Legendary female warriors from Greek mythology
  • Gorgon: Greek mythological creature with hair of snakes and a gaze that could turn people to stone
  • Harpy: Greek mythological creature with the body of a bird and the face of a woman, known for being swift and merciless
  • Siren: Greek mythological creature with the power to lure sailors to their doom with their enchanting songs

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Unisex Greek mythology names

Greek mythology names
A name reveals one’s identity. Photo: pexels.com, @william-fortunato, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Some mythical names are gender-neutral and can fit both girls and boys. Here is the list of beautiful unisex names you can choose from.

  • Achilles: Brave
  • Alexander: Defending men
  • Anemoi: The name of a group of wind gods in ancient Greek mythology
  • Chaos: The personification of nothingness, like the void in eternity
  • Castor: To shine
  • Cronus: To cut
  • Oneiroi: Dreams
  • Pistis: Faith and trust
  • Styx: River Styx runs the boundary between the living world and the underworld
  • Eros: Love
  • Griffin: A cool mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion
  • Hymen: Greek god of marriage and hymns
  • Nemesis: Goddess of retribution
  • Pluto: Wealth
  • Helios: Sun
  • Midas: Turned everything he touched to gold
  • Freya: Passion, femininity, and strength
  • Isis: Divine power, healing, and protection
  • Luna: Femininity, intuition, and the ever-changing cycles of life

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Rare Greek mythology names for boys

Are you wondering what rare Greek names are and would like to consider them when naming your child? Worry no more; some beautiful names have unique meanings and cultural significance.

  • Aeson: Father of Jason
  • Aiolos: Nimble
  • Brontes: Thunderer
  • Damocles: The people
  • Dardanos: To devour
  • Kreios: Master
  • Leander: Lion man
  • Lycus: Wolf
  • Minos: King
  • Nereus: Water
  • Phrixus: Thrilling
  • Tychon: Succeed

Mythical names are some of the most unique names parents can adopt for their children. If you have been considering an exciting tag, choose one of the above for your boy or girl.

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