VIDEO: How a Nigerian man thanked his oyinbo wife for bringing him joy and kindness in the snow and got a sweet kiss from her

  • A heartwarming video of a Nigerian man who wedded an oyinbo woman expressing his gratitude to her has gone viral on TikTok
  • In the video, the man said that the woman had given him so much joy and kindness and that he valued everything
  • The woman, who was near her Nigerian husband as he was filming his loving words to her, could not resist kissing him

A video that captured the tender moment of a Nigerian man who married an oyinbo woman showering her with praises in the snow has touched many hearts on TikTok.

The video as shared by @austinkristin showed the man holding his phone and recording a message for his wife, who was standing next to him in the cold weather.

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Photo of couple having romantic moment
Nigerian man showered praise on his foreign wife. Photo credit: @austinkristin/TikTok
Source: TikTok

The man thanked his wife for bringing him so much happiness and goodness into his life, and for being his support and partner.

The woman, who was moved by her husband’s sweet words, leaned in and kissed him affectionately.

The video has received thousands of likes and comments from TikTok users who were impressed by the couple’s love and chemistry.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

User3080461547157 said:

“It is your mom bro.”

Miss Boey wrote:

“This is real love.”

Angel commented:

“I will soon be in the same situation.”

Goodluck Chimezie commented:

“Those people saying is she her mum, I have one question where is her mom when he needed stability in his life.. the evidence clear. God bless everywoman who would go extra miles to support dia man.”

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Anna Neuman:

“The best couple.”

Barb woodcraft:

“You don’t kiss your mum like that… good luck guys soul mates.”

Greta Hoiland:

“Love you both. Im so glad for you.”


“It’s happiness, God bless this couple.”


“Take care of each Other, wish you the Best of everything.”


“I wish you so many great years together. Take care of yourselves.”


“Wish u all the best, I am happy to see that men like u exist.”

Man who marries Oyinbo shows their love

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man proudly introduced his Oyinbo wife to the world and shared the heartfelt reasons why he chose to marry her.

He expressed in the video how she supported him in his journey of self-discovery and helped him unlock his hidden talents and abilities.

He said that this was one of the main factors that made him fall in love with her and propose to her.


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