(A.I) Artificial Intelligence can now read your mind, and a testrun is currently being done in Africa, what is the world coming to?

Artificial Intelligence can now read your mind, and rumors have that the company is coming to Africa to test run its mind scanner machine in exchange for huge pay in thousands of dollars to volunteer testers…what is the world coming to

Here are some AI systems that can read minds:

  • BrainGPTA portable, non-invasive AI hat that uses EEG acquisition systems to read minds. BrainGPT uses pre-trained language models (LLMs) to decode sentences from EEG signals and turn thoughts into words.
  • Semantic decoderA non-invasive system developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin that can read brainwaves and interpret what people are thinking in real-time. The system analyzes brain recordings through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and reconstructs what a person perceives or imagines into continuous natural language.

And finally Singapore Researchers Develop AI That Can Read Minds Through Brain Scans, and a recruiting african testers we will update you with more details soon

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